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 PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:54 pm   
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Explanation - this series of posts documents a concerted campaign to remove from the Internet a family of illegal pharmacy operations.

Starting from December 23 2012, requests were sent to registrars to terminate their service contracts with criminals who have unlawful domain names.

Some registrars complied 100%, others failed to respond or act at all.

A summary of registrar compliance is listed at EvaPharmacy Campaign

In the listings, any items shown with an * and colored red represent domains that have been suspended by the registrar.

Now read on.

(Added Feb 20, 2013)

I want to discuss methods of going after this group.

We have tons of evidence about how they operate, which has gone on virtually unchanged since this forum began, back when they were called and

They hack into every server they can get their hands on and render them irreparable by removing several key unix commands (restart, passwd, chmod, shutdown, and several others.)

They use these servers essentially "for free" going on months and months and months.

Nobody does anything.

I have had only mild success in reporting and resetting several servers.

I think if we organize, we can make this the next front-burner target.

Given that they are one of only a small handful of major pharmacy spam operations left, who's with me?

And who's got some interesting ideas for targeting them more specifically?


SiL :silthumb:

 PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:23 am   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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97 more Eva domains
* mediterraneantabdiet.nlCanadian Health&Care MallKey-Systems GmbH
* theprescriptionmedicine.nlCanadian Health&Care MallKey-Systems GmbH
* tipsplustab.nlCanadian Health&Care MallKey-Systems GmbH
* leagod.ruCanadian Family PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* caphealthpharmacy.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* dosepharmacyrx.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugstoremeds.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* edency.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* kerung.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* nureri.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* oreacp.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pharmacyshowroom.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillrxdrugs.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillsnutritiontablets.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
pillswellbeingtablets.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxhealthcaremeds.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxhealthmeds.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
rxhealthpharmacy.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxpharmacyfitness.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* shoppharmacy.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tablethealthpharmacy.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletshealthpillspharmacy.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* trippharmacytablets.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* aore.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* bigenn.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* bovich.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* cachue.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* catrev.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* coopaq.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugstoredrugs.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugstorepharmacywellbeing.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugstorerxmeds.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugstoretabletsdrugs.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugtorehealthtablets.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugtorepharmacyhealth.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* eurepp.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* freerxdrugstore.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* gliart.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* healthdrugstoretablets.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* healthmedstablets.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* hebalk.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* jasiac.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
joleid.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* kaleic.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* lvinna.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* medicinehealthpills.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* medicinerxtablets.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* paedam.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillsdrugsdrugstore.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillspillspharmacy.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rofial.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxdrugspills.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxpillsfitness.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* subuse.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* swierd.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabhealthdrugstore.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletdrugstoredrugstore.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* woolts.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* wreiac.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* zacenz.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* brennanpharmcialis.inCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* familyhealthpill.inCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* genericsipad.inCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmacypillsdrugstore.inCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* jpgviagra.atCanadian Family PharmacyNIC.AT
* pillevifitch.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* theherbalpill.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* levisontrarx.atCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNIC.AT
* dietprescriptiondrug.atMy Canadian PharmacyNIC.AT
* tagh.ruCanadian Family PharmacyREGRU-REG-RIPN
* sugh.ruCanadian Health&Care MallREGRU-REG-RIPN
* tabletspharmacymedications.ruCanadian Health&Care MallREGRU-REG-RIPN
* rxpharmacypharmacy.ruMy Canadian PharmacyREGRU-REG-RIPN
* mypharmacymedicine.plCanadian Family Pharmacyvinask
* tabletleviipad.plCanadian Family Pharmacyvinask
* welnessmedicinedrugs.plCanadian Family Pharmacyvinask
* oilgenericspill.plCanadian Health&Care Mallvinask
* rqckixic.plCanadian Health&Care Mallvinask
* viagramedicineveterinary.plCanadian Health&Care Mallvinask
* wcwipxbj.plCanadian Health&Care Mallvinask
* ymogtgpz.plCanadian Health&Care Mallvinask
* cialispillbrennan.plCanadian Neighbor Pharmacyvinask
* drugstoretabgroup.plCanadian Neighbor Pharmacyvinask
* cialispilloil.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* cialistorture.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* emticall.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* fsbfoirg.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* genericsrxpharmaceutical.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* grryjdtu.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* healthrxgroup.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* herbalshiraz.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* medicinefeed.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* pglneydi.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* ptnolphm.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* wozjxnfn.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* ykslkbwj.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask
* zwfdyfut.plMy Canadian Pharmacyvinask

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 PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:51 am   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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Another 139 Eva frauds

* medtabletandroid.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* pharmsalehighest.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* pilldrugpharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* pillmedicinedrugs.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* salepillsprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* shirazincenseherbal.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* tabdrugstorewalgreens.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* thepillshealth.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* welnessasalehighest.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* emmyecasie.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* karolekelly.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* doriamarilyn.comRxMedicationsCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* androidgenericstablet.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* asqrtplc.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* bioportfoliohealthcarerx.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* drughealthcareprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* fatdietmeds.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* herbalpillsdrug.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* medicareimbursement.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* persalerx.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* pillcialbenghazi.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* pillhealthinsurance.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* tabherbalgothamist.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* tabletcialipad.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* viagradrugstore.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
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* welnessgenericspatent.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* biotechnologyviagra.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* genericshcg.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
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* levitrawelnessteel.comToronto DrugstoreHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* bioportfoliolnesshealthcare.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* bioportfolioviagrahealthcare.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* medicinemedsdrugs.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* pharmacistspharmacymedical.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* pharmacistssalepharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* pharmacymedicalmalpractice.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* pillhealthcarebiotech.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
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* androidcialis.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
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* doimedicinerx.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
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* vwjoeezu.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:44 pm   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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Another 45 Eva fraud domains

* chericerasia.comCanadian Health&Care MallCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* crystaronalda.comCanadian Health&Care MallCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* suzannaaileen.comCanadian Health&Care MallCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* hlumfflt.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* mahalaamiicher.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* sidoneylorilyn.comRxMedicationsCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* cmsmedicarepills.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* ingridshane.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* biotechviagra.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
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* addiejammie.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
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* elvabrina.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
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* jancindra.comRxMedicationsTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

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 PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:21 am   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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125 Eva frauds

* aqweidyuha.comCanadian Health&Care Mall0101 INTERNET, INC.
* zyxmupqud.comCanadian Neighbor Pharmacy0101 INTERNET, INC.
* aqwupjud.comMy Canadian Pharmacy0101 INTERNET, INC.
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* esgegcuru.comCanadian Health&Care Mall1&1 Internet AG
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You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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A further 130 Eva frauds

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You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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194 more Eva frauds

* oqwukfezik.comMy Canadian Pharmacy1&1 Internet AG
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You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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49 fresh Eva domains, live at Sept 13

* eherbalviagra.comCanadian Health&Care MallACTIVE REGISTRAR, INC.
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* alexineharmonie.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* doreliabrigida.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* dicetablet.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* hcgprescriptioncanada.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* prescriptionhealthpatients.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* sportsmedicinepharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* theherbalpill.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* pharmacylevipharmacists.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* marijuanamedicalmeds.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* medicineherbalrx.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* rxmedicaremedicaid.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* moniquefenelia.comCanadian Family PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* medicaresupplementtablet.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* myviagragenerics.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* seleneessie.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* ciaslisviagra.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* caitlinedie.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* genericskey.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* herbalpharmvitamins.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* medviagraped.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* biotechnologyhealthcarepharm.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* fatpillsdiet.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* muirenikijoli.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmdrugmaker.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmhealthplans.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* prescriptionhealthcenter.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* tabopioid.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* humanamedicarepill.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmacycanadalberta.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmacymentalhealth.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* rhkcpuoa.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* salepillsdrug.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* thegenericsmeds.comCanadian Family PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* opioidsalemeds.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pharmcarehealth.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* canadapillgroup.comInternational Legal RXPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* dispensariespharm.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pillcarehealth.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pillhealthcaretenet.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* rxincense.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* viagrabiotechnology.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* bristolmedicinetab.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* mbjurxxl.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* thelevitraprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* cialisprescriptionbrennan.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

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You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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There are some "mother-ship" names in today's listing of 53 names.

* herbalviagrasildenafil.comCanadian Health&Care MallACTIVE REGISTRAR, INC.
* healthflu.comCanadian Family PharmacyBIZCN.COM, INC.
* salepharmacydrug.comMy Canadian PharmacyBIZCN.COM, INC.
* toronto-drugstore.caToronto DrugstoreeNom Canada Corp.
* welnessasale.comRxMedicationsHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* mycanadianfamilypharmacy.comCanadian Family PharmacyINSTRA CORPORATION PTY, LTD.
* canadianfamilypharmacy.bizCanadian Family PharmacyIP MIRROR PTE LTD
* ehocutim.comCanadian Health&Care MallKEY-SYSTEMS GMBH
* levicontrapharm.nlCanadian Health&Care MallKey-Systems GmbH
* herbalpharmacygroup.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* torontocanadarx.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* prescriptionsalepharmacy.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
healthrxshop.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillrxmedicines.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillspharmacyfitness.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* presciptionpharmacy.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletsrx.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* calb.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* cloh.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* dabrin.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pillspharmacypharmacy.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* mentalhealthpharm.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmdietfat.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* canadaprescriptioninc.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* dietpillmed.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* levitrachrome.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* pillslevitradrug.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* pillsmedicinedrugs.atCanadian Health&Care MallNIC.AT
* dietpillsmedicine.atMy Canadian PharmacyNIC.AT
* pharmbiotechnology.atMy Canadian PharmacyNIC.AT
* drugstorewalgreenpharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* healthcareviagrabiotech.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* lwnubted.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* oxcxeloh.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pillbioportfolio.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* rxcials.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pharmacistsmed.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
cheapcanadianpharmacy.netCanadian Neighbor PharmacyTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
largestcanadiandrugstores.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
my-canadian-pharmacy.comMy Canadian PharmacyTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
mycanadianpharmacyonline.netMy Canadian PharmacyTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
* canadianpharmacygenerics.comToronto DrugstoreTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
cheapcanadianpharmacy.orgToronto DrugstoreTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
* safecanadianpills.comToronto DrugstoreTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
* toronto-drug-store.orgToronto DrugstoreTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
thewikipharmacy.comWikiPharmacyTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
* wiki-pharmacy.orgWikiPharmacyTODAYNIC.COM, INC.
* childcarepharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* cialistabletbrennan.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* medwelopioid.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* prescriptiontrapharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* fwubcjwz.comToronto DrugstoreTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* themedicalpharmacy.comUS DrugsTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

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Many redirections are being spammed every day. They are all registered with the same registrar, DOMAIN CONTEXT. The redirection target is (Canadian Health&Care Mall fraud) on the same registrar. The name servers are on domain, also on the same registrar.

ICANN has accredited DomainContext, whose web site is hosted in the Czech Republic on IP, although the whois shows the company as supposedly at the address

    501 Silverside Rd Ste 105
    Wilmington, 19809
    Tel. +1 302 4427322

Contact name is Dmitry Deniskin (pictured)

DomainContext has an affiliate registrar located in Russia. These registrations come from a partner registrar at RU-TLD.RU [e-mail: [email protected] and icq: 900004]

Here are 120 examples

* bestrxmedsonline.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* aesliivkusanevitu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* aktotakievikoled.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* anemenenehotsatuda.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* anepoherliskaut.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* arazveyanepricastenkoti.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* ashtovangaledoli.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* bikovchucelosdela.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* brokermogbimnepomoch.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* budzbakoenkuli.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* burundukijiloper.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* danichelecitsyabud.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* dasementibilopedasik.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* daymneavtobges.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* detskioperutiol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* dlyasebikoleprigo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* ebyatipoledasik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* ebyavrottakievar.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* edaposkkoliter.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* eslikoferutiko.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* eslipriperaetho.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* estakinteresnofuri.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* estplanikinadok.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* esttutbabivseleno.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* etomakzrakanemetro.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* gdebitvoiushipisikol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* gusakimolchat.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* ivesezonapereneslaop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kakmiproucilidirs.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kaktambolyackapo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kilotamreduki.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kogdatiulesacokiun.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kolesacojity.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kolrmashenkolity.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kondokifusyt.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* konmineporvemdlya.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kositrafukolei.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kotpolikorbanod.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kozedutires.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kudaujikoledasop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kuriscikoledop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* lovicx5servity.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* malinasredolik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* malraschkomitedas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* mamarozovayter.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* mirsoshelsumaterkol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* mnenuhesakoledop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* mordastalakolijut.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* morskienasekomievboy.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* mozetvipolusead.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* murzikkotspoket.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* muzikrasvetaetvod.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nammashtolknelas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nampotrebpomoshikol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nanesudargoloder.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nehvataetlishtebya.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nestrelyaterolik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* neuzelioniohueliissakiju.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nupomilsyaishtoze.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nuyasnoshtotamvelikodes.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nuznovvoditkodeks.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nuznovvodkodety.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* okilosuhytesac.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* operikosacoli.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* operikosacolkoliu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* opisivalasvoikoze.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* osharashenliyanovo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* oslicatvoyakoro.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* petuhikurochkalkolisu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pkoritopoiskatnado.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* plenyashaukolielo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pochepmoredolik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pokasmislanetuvetom.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pokayanestanuigratedo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pometkinskedfi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pomeyahochu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* poymiprosteda.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* prishelsrokied.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* propustilaindelasoi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* prosratilesadoi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* prostivzikmenya.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* prostopovertiesli.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* psihovanniyhutes.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* sadelaohrenuporab.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* sadelaohrenuporabako.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* shtozaolucoi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* silnoaleninokoi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* sranetilopedasik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* srezalimichalkoi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* srochnonadopomenyatil.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* stalanyashbnobigu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* strannoshtolezope.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* suslikturboanlim.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* tamtupihpolnokirekosis.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* tihohodesalokim.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* tikaritikastop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* titakaykrasedolik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* tivashkapitanoche.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* tivgazagideshili.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* toakshepkiletyat.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* tutdilopdeopred.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* utenyaestplaninavih.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* uvasestkomplecuki.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vibralasamaput.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* viigrivayinaslazdetso.infoCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vinosmozgovoydesa.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vitvoryautchudesaok.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vonnadevanevalyaut.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* votirastetmalenkiyolen.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* votmoytelekon.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* votnenadobilikoled.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* votshtodelaetsolent.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* votzopetasolikedo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vsebezsoripilio.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* yadumautorguilokes.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* yanascetobesalova.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* yanepovtoroeprty.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* yanevizusvetaliko.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* yashikshtopodtormazel.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* zacembolobolit.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* zashekoalonosik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.

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You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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74 bullet-proof illegal pharmacy domains registered on NAUNET in Russia

* pharmacyrxmeds.ruCanadian Family PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* bhun.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* hirony.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* iphs.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* niry.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* phidos.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* remedycuthealthrx.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* ridh.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* roalow.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxcitypills.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletdrugsfitness.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletsrxteam.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* unth.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* wour.ruCanadian Health&Care MallNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugtorenutritionpills.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* iowy.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* octh.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pharmacydrugshealth.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxpillsmedicines.ruCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* adaghs.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* agoric.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* aidank.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* aimmum.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* bemace.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* betirs.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* bialfa.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* bonhen.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* buie.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* caunif.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* czee.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* ddiash.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* dhoe.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* difled.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* drugtorepharmacyfitness.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* dulp.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* eldt.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* eutu.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* fawk.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* fieg.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* goug.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* hibaga.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* howd.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* hroy.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* hsbone.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* koprib.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* levolm.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* llat.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* logeli.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* nombit.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* nutritionpillsrx.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* ochich.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* oppige.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* orisci.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* perb.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pharmacyfitnessdrugstore.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pilict.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* pulb.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* quipse.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* racedy.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rowd.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* rxdiscounttabletspharmacy.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* shobbe.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* sifley.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletsdrugstoremedicines.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tabletswellbeing.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* tespos.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* treatmentshealthrx.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* undt.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* vlarca.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* whed.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* wify.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* wust.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* ziry.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN
* zuntly.ruMy Canadian PharmacyNAUNET-REG-RIPN

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You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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49 more redirectors on ICANN accredited DomainContext, whose web site is hosted in the Czech Republic on IP, although the whois shows the company as supposedly at the address

    501 Silverside Rd Ste 105
    Wilmington, 19809
    Tel. +1 302 4427322

Contact name is Dmitry Deniskin

DomainContext has an affiliate registrar located in Russia. The registrations come from a partner registrar at RU-TLD.RU [e-mail: [email protected] and icq: 900004]

The redirection target is - Canadian Health&Care Mall - using the same registrar.

* amruutebyashtoko.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* begutpotrotesadu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* cepanulkrefukilop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* dafaynenabroman.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* dumaetemivbesopaski.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* dvoroviyakolektivedas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* gazonpolepahan.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* hochetvikinutkoshaka.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* hrenovochuvstvetui.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* hvatesilopedasol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* iradkavimodesolik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kofegrandesolik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* komaspestodesac.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* kotavmeshkenekuij.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* lishbinekusalinecar.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* moznovigratiliproih.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* myaukosedasolikerty.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nabromantaliliskoli.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* namnepokazalirazveddan.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* namozduheeloskilop.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* netukiskiumalciski.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nezasalprigatsolo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nichegonedelatkakoemn.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* nupastdolzenkolire.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* odinocestvokolitserd.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pereshlinaurovenugroz.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* posishemsledipory.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pozalrukisrefu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* pravsdelalhrust.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* priezdbudetnamo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* sadepushokotlkom.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* shtotizaskilopedas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* shtotoszivotikomne.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* stalanyashbnobigu.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* takayacistenkayalopik.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* takieumelciblya.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* uberinogivzades.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* urokproshelnezrya.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* uznalaozelopedas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vidimohoroshapachka.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vipishutteshunakol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vizdiikaratkolidas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* volnovatsesdoliko.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* votvalepotikules.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vryadliaziotazunegi.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vsehoroshodalikon.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* vskazkemoznopokatitol.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* yavikluchuivsedo.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.
* zashlinamiloperas.comCanadian Health&Care MallDOMAINCONTEXT, INC.

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 PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:59 pm   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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49 more Eva frauds, all reported to the registrars

* fatmedsdiet.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* medicarecbo.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* salewelnessmartrend.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* carneycanada.comMy Canadian PharmacyBIZCN.COM, INC.
* thecaremeds.comMy Canadian PharmacyBIZCN.COM, INC.
* doricarly.comCanadian Health&Care MallCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* cristiecookie.comMy Canadian PharmacyCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* contraceptivetrapills.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* genericspharmacypharmacists.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* thedrugstorepills.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* thesaleprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* viagramediterranean.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* thecanadapill.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* thehealthcareviagra.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* vitaminherbalpill.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* albertacanadapills.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* annettakissee.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* drugstoredoc.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* drugstoreviagrasildenafil.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* herbalopioid.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* herbalpillprescription.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* medicarepharmacypharmacist.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* medicinetabletipad.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* chromedical.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* kindredpill.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* pharmacyhealthinsurance.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* theprescriptionmedicine.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* torturelispharm.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* dronepillcialis.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pharmcarehealth.netCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pillhealthcarebiotech.netCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* prescriptiondiethcg.netCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* tabcarecenter.netCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* vitaminherbalviagra.netCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* doseprescription.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* thedrugstoreprescription.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* prescriptioncanadadrug.netToronto DrugstorePSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* biosimilarswelness.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* drugstorewelwalgreens.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* helgamarlena.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* pharmaciststrapharmacy.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* pillsmedicalphysicians.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* prescriptioncialdrug.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* remediesherbalrx.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* thepillsdiet.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* baruchelevitra.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* drugstorerxwalgreen.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* pharmhealthcarebiotechnology.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* shirazviagraherbal.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

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 PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:43 pm   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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501 Silverside Rd Ste 105 is a mail drop:

You'll be happy to know that all their clients are legitimate:
We work hard to ensure that all of our customers are legitimate enterprises. We have firm policies in place to immediately dissolve any relationship with a company that has been found to be involved in illegal activities. We are happy to report that as a result of our stringent polices, all our clients using this address are legitimate and established enterprises.

They have offices in Canada and in Turks and Caicos Islands as well. They have a Delaware phone area code but their office hours are on Pacific (Vancouver) time.

 PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:02 pm   
You are kiillllling-a my bizinisss!
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50 new fraud sites, reported to registrars

* androidherbal.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* tabhumana.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* thepharmsale.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* welnessdrugstoreprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallBIZCN.COM, INC.
* hedwigholli.comCanadian Health&Care MallCLOUD GROUP LIMITED
* internalmedicineprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* tabletcanadaandroid.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* brennancialismeds.comCanadian Health&Care MallHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* dietpillsfat.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* levitraphurt.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* medicineviagrapatients.comMy Canadian PharmacyHTTP.NET INTERNET GMBH
* biotechpharmacyhealthcare.comCanadian Health&Care MallNAMESILO, LLC
* lossdietviagra.comCanadian Neighbor PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* dietabder.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* baruchel.comMy Canadian PharmacyNAMESILO, LLC
* asaletabla.comToronto DrugstoreNAMESILO, LLC
* drugstoremedsopioid.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* thehealthcarerx.comCanadian Health&Care MallNETLYNX, INC.
* medsdrugmarijuana.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* mymedicinerx.comMy Canadian PharmacyNETLYNX, INC.
* rxmysmartrend.comCanadian Family PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* mentalhealthpill.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pillhumana.comCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* levitrarxkorsinsky.netCanadian Health&Care MallPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* hcgcanadaprescription.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* prescriptionmarijuanadrugstore.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* thetabhealth.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* medicaidpill.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* pharmherbalwines.comMy Canadian PharmacyPSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* brennanpharmcialis.comToronto DrugstorePSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT
* medicinepillprescription.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* prescriptioncareservices.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* bioportfoliopill.comCanadian Health&Care MallTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* pageviewslevitrawelness.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* pharmacymedicinegroup.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* pillsgenerics.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* prescriptionpharmacysale.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* shirazlnessherbal.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* tabvaluable.comMy Canadian PharmacyTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
* shirazwelness.comToronto DrugstoreTRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

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